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Welcome to Our Site! We are committed to spreading the word about the importance of Lifetime Fitness! 

We are so excited that you are reading this and want to welcome you to the Professionals Health Connection family. This is where professionals with sedentary jobs come to get reminders to become more active and pay more attention to their health. I guess you could call us your lifetime fitness site.

We want to help you stay physically active by providing you with motivational tips, recipes, exercises, workouts, and the shopping convenience busy professionals need. We know what you are going through. For years we knew that we needed to get active but found it exceedingly difficult to get started. We have sedentary jobs and sit at our desks for hours on end. We knew that all that inactivity was unhealthy. The heavy workload and hours caused lots of stress-related eating and poor nutrition (no, candy is NOT dinner). And we had the aches and pains and weight gain that went along with it. And here we’ll share what we are learning about being human and what taking care of ourselves means.

What does it take to have lifetime fitness?

Lifetime fitness means that we are paying more attention than we previous did to having a balanced life. We will stress that you can work activity and nutrition into your life without being as drastic as you might think. As you know, we just weren’t made for the sitting and inactivity that is required for a modern job! So, just as you have been successful your whole career, we want you to be successful with your health. You’ll need information to keep you motivated and motivation will keep you active and activity will keep you healthy. And that is our sole focus. We will also share a few stories from readers and provide guest posts that are relevant to our theme. Even the products we share will focus solely on fitness and nutrition. We’ll also recommend some workout music and educational books to help you achieve your lifetime of fitness.

So, stay tuned, we have lots to share and want to hear from you too. So, write in, comment often, and let’s do this together!

You can easily get started without much more than a mat and some weights and we’ll recommend some great equipment for when you are ready to try more. And of course there’s some great books you can read during the morning commute (if you aren’t driving) that you’ll want to buy now. So, get on the treadmill, put on some music, and open your book, or Kindle, and get going!

Here’s just a few products you might like…  Be active and have fun!

Wishing you the best of health!

To help you get started:

Get Up!
Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It

Be the first to review this book…

Customer Review
: “This is an incredible read. Dr Levine is well-spoken and uses wit, and would be enjoyable even if he were re-writing the phone book. …doesn’t re-hash anything…”

The Office Workout
75 Exercises you can do at your Desk

The Office Workout by Kent Burden

Customer Review
: “WOW. This is a unique book, in that the exercises here can be done while working AND more importantly without disturbing anyone in your workplace.
Some of the exercises can be done without the people around you even being aware that you’re doing them.”

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