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Create an Ergonomic Work Environment

If you sit for long periods of time, consider creating an Ergonomic Work Environment for yourself

Most professionals sit in the same position at their desk for long periods of time. Too long. And if you are reading this, you may be in that group too. And I’m sure you’ve read many articles about getting up from your desk more often, and maybe a few books too. But has that gotten you up from your chair on a regular basis the way you should? If you are like me, chances are, probably not. So, maybe what we can do is create an Ergonomic work environment.

What is an Ergonomic work environment?

Ergonomics is the science of designing a job, equipment and/or workplace to fit the worker. The goal is to optimize the “fit” between each worker and his or her work environment to optimize performance and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

~ Wikipedia

Don’t sit or stand too long

Now there are compelling reasons why you shouldn’t sit for long periods of time. And the same can be said for standing too long. But the position of your body in relation to your work environment is important too. This can be covered in one word – Ergonomics.

We found a good article that explains ergonomics and give tips for proper positioning to help you to stay pain-free. Computer Ergonomics by Gary Heiting, OD.

Here are the government guidelines for computer ergonomics:

Self-check throughout the day

So now that you know about ergonomics and it’s at the top of your mind. Start now to incorporate the Tips into your work environment. Take a periodic self-check throughout the day to consciously note if you are slouching, leaning forward or your bending your neck. Don’t delay – do this immediately. Also see the Foot Rest and Foot Massage to start feeling good right away.

And if you do want to take it to the next level and try something new or your Dr. is recommending a change, we’ve compiled a few options to help you think about what best suits your needs. We don’t want you to spend your hard-earned money on something that goes unused ( I’ve had a treadmill full of cloths and best intentions! ). See if you can narrow down what options are ‘must haves’ for you by reading below.

Consider before buying an Ergonomic Work Environment…

No matter what, this is a personal decision and here are some things to consider before making a change to your work environment:

Tip: Set recurring calendar reminders to ‘switch’. In other words, stand if you are sitting, sit if you are standing – you get the picture… Or, better yet – set it to remind you to be active too so you can reap the benefits of being more active during your work day. Simply set it to take a walk and give it a fun subject and picture.

Ergonomic Work Environment – Desk Alternatives:

Chairs available:

Office Chairs & Accessories…

Balance Ball Chair
Lumbar Support Chair

Cycle While You Work!

Which desk is right for you?

So, now that you know the options, think about the type of work you do. What items do you need at your fingertips? Would you be ok with bending down to get them when the desk is in Standing mode?

So, now that you know what to think about and what you need on top of the desk, think about whether you need them on the same level. If your computer is up on a pedestal but there’s no room for a cup or paper, then you’ll keep bending to reach for things. That would be a nuisance. So get a rough guesstimate of what you need for each level before you buy and be happy with your choice!

Want an Ergonomic Work Environment?

Then You Might Consider…

Get Up!

Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It

By James A. Levine, MD

The Office Workout

The Office Workout 75 Exercises you can do at your Desk

by Kent Burden

Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World

by Kelly Starrett

Thinking about a Standing Desk? 

A Guide to Improve Your Work Wellness

by Shani Soloff

You’ll Stand And You’ll Like It
Computer Ergonomics 7 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy at Your Desk
Stand up for your Health!
The Desk Job Survival Guide: Exercise And Nutrition For Those Who Sit All Day

Be kind to your feet!

Varidesk Standing Comfort Mat

Steppie Balance Board

Under Desk Foot Rest

Free-floating platform tilts back and forth for leg stretches and increased circulation

ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest

Desk options…

Travel Standing Desk

Dual Monitor Stand Up

Elevated Laptop Stand

Adjustable Height Retractable Keyboard

Pre-assembled Adjustable Desk

Best of luck with your Ergonomics and have fun choosing your next desk!

We hope you enjoyed reading this and want to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit us!!

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