50 Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Why should you exercise?

We found a wonderful infographic by Chape Fitness on the 50 Reasons Why You Should Exercise. You’re sure to find a few reason that will help you get past the ‘I think I should’ stage of exercising! So, if you aren’t exercising already, find a reason or two that motivates you and get to it. And when you need help, trainers like David are there for you. Enjoy!


I want to give you some reasons to think about why you should exercise. Among fifty reasons you should find one that motivates you!?  I usually give my friends gifts and this year I have a gift …

50 Reasons to Exercise

Read more:  50 reasons to exercise – Chape Fitness

David Chape is a world-wide personal trainer. He uses Evernote, has fabulous recipes and you are sure to love his challenges. Be sure to visit his site for great fitness tips, exercises and you might even try a training session with him. Enjoy!

An excerpt from David’s Bio:

Hello, I´m David Neira, founder of Chape Fitness.

I’m a dedicated personal trainer with a passion for improving client health, wellness and quality of life. Using the latest techniques in exercise science, cardio programs and strength training, I deliver fitness, weight loss and nutrition programs for youth, teens, adults and senior citizens that are fun, safe, extremely effective and tailored to individual needs/goals, using Evernote.

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16 thoughts on “50 Reasons Why You Should Exercise

    1. Thank you Sunaina – I hope you enjoy the rest of our site too – we focus on being active and stepping away from the desk to stay healthy. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you visit us often. I like your site too. I admit, I haven’t tried Yoga yet, that’s next on my list. Thanks for visiting – wishing you the best of health!


    1. Thank you again Patrick – but this one was written by Chape – he should receive all the thanks! We hope you visit often. Wishing you good health!


    1. How nice of you to stop by Emma and thank you, we are very happy you like our site. This article we were fortunate enough to be able to reblog from Chape, so he deserves the credit! Thank you again for visiting, we hope you visit often. Wishing you the best of health!


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