Fitness with No Attachments

Fitness with No Attachments

I am excited to share with you a post and video from fellow fitness and health blogger (visit  The Fit Flex Life to see more of Louise’s work), Louise Barraco (read Louise’s Bio below). Louise explains how exercise and fitness with no attachments means a lifetime of fitness. Please join me in giving Louise a warm welcome. And thank you so much for sharing your video and workout secrets with us Louise!

When we start a fitness journey do we do it in terms of what can tie us down or what freedom can we have? What does fitness with no attachments mean? That means you can fit exercise into your day, anywhere and at any time. Minimal equipment required. There is always a way to exercise with minimal equipment or no equipment at all.  You don’t even need to be involved in a gym to get involved in fitness or even a coach of some kind. Simply live life and exercise when you want to.  Once you start a fitness routine you won’t want to stop. Once you start a fitness routine you won’t want to stop, you’ll exercise so that you can be in control of your life. Don’t you agree? Yes, you are in complete control of your fitness journey.

It’s About Options, not Attachments

Now I’m not saying that because you belong to a gym that your only option is to use your membership. If you want to do another type of workout, and it makes sense, then go ahead and do it. Fitting fitness into your life is more important than where you exercise. You are not tied down to do a specific workout at a particular time.  You can do any type of exercise you want if you have no attachments. It is you doing the kind of movements you like and not something someone else tells you to do. Go on a hike, consider that a workout, or go for a walk, clean your house, vacuum the floors. Any movement you can do that’s fitness related counts. Don’t have a commitment to just one type of exercise – have no attachments to one way and you’ll have more possibilities of being fit.

Create Your Own Routines

When a person comes up with their own fitness routine they do it so that they aren’t tied down. They do it so that they can exercise anywhere with the fitness equipment that they have. You can do your own style of workout if you want to do that. Some people might not think that their own form of workout is good enough for a good workout. That depends on what you want to do. You don’t have to listen to what anyone else says you should do for a workout, if you don’t want too.  You are not tied down by anything when fitness has no attachments. Do what you feel like doing in your workout and see how different you feel after it.

The Fit Flex Way – No Attachments

Use your feelings and what you have in your house to workout. This means you should simply get up and start moving. Do what fits into your life, when you fit fitness into your life you aren’t really attached to one workout. Why? You might ask. Well, with life-changing all the time that means your workouts need to be flexible and change as well.  The fit flex life workouts are as mobile as they get. That is why fitness with no attachments is excellent for fitting fitness into your life.  Working out shouldn’t hold you  down and that is what fitness with no attachments is.  You are making your fitness journey work for you any way possible, when you do fitness with no attachments.

Do anything in your daily life to stay active, and whatever you do let that be your workout for the day. When your fitness has nothing attached to it, you can make anything a part of your workout. Any movement you do in a day can be your workout.  Keep your house picked up and the laundry done, when you do that, that is fitness with no attachments this is because it is not always the same. It is always changing so if you are doing that type of fitness in your life you must have no attachment to it since you are changing your workout up with the way your life is that day.

What does no attachment fitness mean to you?

No attachment is just you doing whatever you feel in terms of a workout. Does it mean you are going to the gym or staying home and getting a workout in?  No attachment fitness is you don’t have to go to the gym to get a workout in you can do it from home or the office or the gym if you want. You can do it from anywhere.  You don’t have to use one place or the equipment in the place you are in for your workout if you don’t want to. Not that you can’t use the equipment you are just not attached to that equipment to get the workout done since you aren’t connected to a specific workout plan, you can do a lot more with your workouts that way.

Be Flexible

You might have weeks where you do a specific workout, but sometimes things change, and you have switch up your workout. If you are the one in control of your workouts and you don’t have to go to the gym to accomplish them then what happens? Does anything happen? Do you do your workout? Most people would say “no I don’t do my workout because if I am not at the gym it doesn’t feel like a workout”.  Think about how much freer you are when you can do anything you want for your workout?  You are as free as a bird that flies which means you can do any movement you want and consider that a workout.

Any Workout That You Like

A workout doesn’t have to be done in a particular place even if equipment is required. You can still make workouts work for you, if you don’t have the right equipment. That is how most people exercise when they do home-based workouts or when they are travelling. We can’t bring all our workout equipment when we travel so we have to make it work by using different equipment. That is what fitness with no attachments is. So if you ever wanted to try something a little different try something like this.

You can switch up your workouts all the time when you don’t have any attachment to one specific fitness routine or a particular gym. Working out isn’t meant to be done in just one place no matter how much we think that. When it comes to fitness we are expected to move and explore all our options. Fitness is expected to be investigated that is why there shouldn’t be any attachments. It is something that should be enjoyable so that it gets done. We all know what happens when we don’t enjoy something – we avoid it at all costs, and that includes fitness when we feel like we have to do a specific workout and not the workout we want to. So, choose your workouts with what you feel like doing that day and no matter what, you will feel so much better in terms of our fitness journey.

Fitness Should Be Freeing. No Attachments.

Fitness is supposed to be something freeing. It’s supposed to be fun. It’s not supposed to feel like work.  If it feels like work then you are doing something wrong and the reason I say that is because working out is supposed to be something you enjoy.  If you enjoy it you’ll burn more calories (at least that is how I look at it). The only attachment you should have to fitness is wanting to do it. Not just in one spot either. So think of fitness as having no attachments and see what happens, your future in fitness will be completely different. Do what you want on your fitness journey don’t let others tell you what you should be doing. Everyone’s journey is different. You are not attached to things that way and you aren’t doing anything that you don’t want to do.

Fitness Should Be Enjoyed

The only attachment you should have when it comes to fitness is doing the fitness moves you enjoy and not something that you don’t.  Do the type of fitness that feels right to you, that is fitness with no attachments. So if you want fitness in your life, why not try routines that you come up with so it works for you. This will make your fitness journey more enjoyable and you’ll want to move more and that is the way fitness should be.

Nobody should ever be tied down to one fitness regime when it comes to working out. Lives are so busy in today’s day and age that our fitness journey needs to be adaptable to accommodate life. Do something you like so you don’t feel trapped and don’t like it. Do your workout because you want to not because you think you have to. That is fitness with no attachments – don’t you think?

About the Author

Louise Barraco has been involved in fitness since the age of four does it to stay limber and active. She started her fitness journey to eat more and to show people that you can exercise, even if you aren’t that into fitness but want to give it a try.  Please visit The Fit Flex Life for other workout video’s and articles written by Louise.

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See if you can find some of Louise’s ‘no attachment’ exercises…

Thank you for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed watching Louise’s workout and reading her article about not having an attachment to any one way of exercise. Louise is an inspiration as she is truly exercising for life, for her lifetime. And you can from her video that see that she is having fun too!

Thank you for spending time with us today. Wishing you the best of health!

Workout No Attachments
Workout No Attachments

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    1. Thank you Cathi – I love Louise’s work and the video’s are great. She keeps moving. I think you’ll like her site too – .
      Thanks for visiting with us today!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too…


  1. Great topic Louise – thank you for Guest Posting today. The video is great way to show that you can stay fit no matter where you are and what equipment you have. Thank you for sharing with us! Hugs!


    1. Thanks Jason, I thought Louise did a great job too! She’s showing us how movement is movement and it should be fun! I think we sometimes forget that message! Thank you for visiting today! :)


    1. Thanks for visiting with us Prachi! I think so too, I never used to do flexibility exercises and now Monday’s just aren’t the same without my 30 minute stretches. They are so easy too! I love Louise’s approach – just move! :) Thank you again – we hope you check out the exercises and workout routines too.


    1. Thanks Progressive Music Station – I will! Thanks for spending some time with us today – we hope you found the exercises you need and the clothes you love! :)


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