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Workout Clothes Show Your Gym Style

Sweats Aren’t for the Gym Anymore – Go to the gym in Style!

As I looked around the gym one Saturday morning, I noticed something has changed. While I was happily doing my core exercises in my ragged old workout clothes, I began to feel a little peculiar. Ok, ok, I get it. My pair of stained black sweats and wrinkled old t-shirt had seen better days, but they are comfy. But everyone around me looked great. Now don’t get me wrong, they were sweating, but they were at the gym in style.

Yes, everyone was dressed better than I was – how embarrassing! The old man who stops by to walk the track in his khaki shorts and vest, the girl who had on a cute flared skirt and matching top, the older couple who works at the elliptical together, the curvy woman on the treadmill in the cutest top. Literally EVERYONE showed their style!

Then I realized that it was time for an overdue shopping ‘trip’!

Workout Clothes – Activewear for Women

So, whether you are like me and desperately need a new workout wardrobe, or one of the well-dressed people working out, here are some items and tips that we found that I think you’ll love.

… So, why not go to the gym in style and show off your fitness and your curves just a little? Amazon has the cutest outfits with leggings that come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns. Finding my new workout clothes here was easy and even better, no mall parking required. I even found a great top for my friends’ birthday.

Please note that all items are not available in every country, but we’ve done our best to find a similar item. The Amazon picture you see will show you the items that you can buy now and as with most Amazon products, you can get next day delivery too!

Workout Clothes = Going to the Gym in Style

Buy cute Leggings, tops, sports bras, socks, sneakers and yoga slippers and complete outfits here now. And have even more fun shopping our Women’s Activewear page for more selections.

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Visit our full women’s activewear page for clothes we think you’ll love. Thank you for shopping with us!