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Understanding the Gluten Free Life

Today we want to share a Guest Post by Nikola Djordjevic, MD. Dr. Djordjevic provides information for those who choose a Gluten-Free life. Trends show that a lot of people are trying to live without Gluten. And, as in any diet, it is important to take nutritional facts into consideration. Be sure to see Dr. Nikola’s Infographic for additional information. Use the information personally, or share his helpful advice with family and friends. Please see Nikola’s Bio below.

The Latest Trends in Gluten-Free Baking

Recent research published in the Research and Markets stated that the gluten-free food industry accounted for a volume of 465.7 kilotons in 2017 and this is only going to increase. This increase in the production of these products is due to the increased awareness of personal health effects associated with healthy eating.

Originally, gluten-free foods were a necessity for people suffering from celiac disease, but now it has turned into a general nutritional trend. The detailed infographic on living a gluten-free life, gives a timely update of everything to do with nutrition and how to keep up with trends in this industry.

New and imaginative alternatives to gluten-containing products are on the increase. With the appropriate technology, special recipes are being developed to enable baking of gluten-free foods. This will provide value-added products to celiac patients as well as those affected with a milder intolerance to the protein.

Tap Image to see the Gluten-Free Life Infographic

Food Intolerance and Allergies

Food intolerance has become a major public health concern. It has become equally important to watch for effective ways of preventing such conditions. Incidences of celiac disease and other reactions related to food allergies especially gluten are on the rise. Gluten intolerance can affect people of any age, gender, and race; hence why most people are becoming more aware of their dietary intake.

The developing trends include the use of new ingredients that do not contain gluten. For instance, rice, corn, sorghum, buckwheat, quinoa, oat, teff, and amaranth are gluten-free. There are also a couple of new additives that are completely gluten-free in baked products. These include one or a combination of the following: eggs, dietary fiber, starch, hydrocolloids, and gum. These additives help to add nutritional value to the baked products as well as increase their general acceptability.

Safe Gluten-Free Products for Celiac Patients

Additionally, bakeries and manufacturers of baked foods are moving towards technologies that will allow them to produce baked products that are safe for people who suffer from celiac disease. Sourdough and enzymatic technologies, as well as high hydrostatic pressure processing are some of the innovative new ways that are trending in the production of gluten-free baked products.

Some of the gluten-free baked breads you are likely to come across will contain ingredients such as a form of cellulose, which mimics the ability of gluten to create a stable structure and retains the gases due to fermentation. There is also the long shelf gluten-free bread which is used in managing low rotation in shops and the emulsified bread which contain certain fatty acids hence controlling staling and improved palatability.

Most gluten-free nutritional enthusiasts have been keeping away from baked products since most of them assume that they contain gluten. However, the current trends are proving that the good taste of baked foods can be enjoyed by all, including those suffering from celiac disease and related conditions.

Nikola’s Bio

Nikola Djordjevic, MD, Head of Content at Coming from Serbia, Nikola is a doctor of medicine. He started the project in 2018 out of his passion for helping others, particularly seniors. Apart from reviewing medical alert systems, he also writes a blog dedicated to health, aging, retirement, and other senior-related topics.

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We hope you found Nikola’s message helpful. Thank you for spending part of your day with us. Wishing you the best of Health!

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