Habits Can Make a Healthy Lifestyle

Today we want to share another interesting article by author Christian Worstell about our healthy habits. Christian gives us some great wellness tips on creating a healthy lifestyle. See below to read Christian’s Bio.

The Role That Habits Play in Making or Breaking a Healthy Lifestyle

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You eat the right foods, you exercise, you get a full night’s sleep. So you should be on the road to wellness, right? Well, not exactly. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple.

We all want to be healthy, but little things we do every day can undermine our efforts to maintain an active lifestyle.

This article highlights bad habits to break and good habits to take on to make a healthy lifestyle a reality.

Bad Habits to Break for a Healthy Lifestyle

First things first, before you start taking on new habits, it’s important to correct any preexisting habits getting in the way of your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you have succumbed to any of these habits, it’s time to let them go:

1. Toxic Relationships

Being a part of a toxic personal or professional relationship can drain you of your self-worth, resulting in high levels of anxiety and stress.

Abandoning or adjusting these relationships through communication and even therapy can help you improve your connection and maintain a more positive outlook.life

2. Overworking

We probably all know one person who is always preoccupied with their job, working all hours of the day to meet a seemingly unattainable goal.

Dedication to your profession is admirable, but if it costs you your health and wellbeing, it is time to rethink your priorities.

You can change the narrative around your work by redefining your professional goals so that they are realistic and not detrimental. This way you have a reason to celebrate when you achieve that next milestone (and a great excuse to take a break).

3. Sitting Too Long

Whether it’s camping out on your sofa all Saturday or chained to your desk all day long, staying sedentary can wreak havoc on your health.

Being inactive can slow down your metabolism, which means that if you are not also watching your diet you might start to pack on pounds.

Simple fix? Take breaks. Set a timer or use a time management app to establish forced intervals during which you can get up, stretch, and move.

4. Overloading on Technology

From the photos we snap to the apps or email account we constantly check, we are obsessed with our technological devices.

While our smartphones, tablets, and computers offer a wealth of resources, they also tend to overstimulate us to the point that we can become anxious. To remedy this issue, designate a few hours each day that are technology-free (your body will thank you).

Healthy Habits to Encourage for a Healthy Lifestyle

Now that we have addressed some habits to shake. Here are some helpful habits to help you stay healthy and maintain a high quality of life.

1. Check-In With Your Primary Care Physician Regularly

If you can’t recall the last time you visited your physician, it might be time to schedule an appointment.

Getting into the habit of regular visits with your doctor is a great way to check-in with your body and stay on top of your health.

Doctors visits can help you manage potential health issues and set a baseline for your health. This helps you monitor your personal self more effectively over time.

Be sure to check in with your insurance provider to see how many doctor visits are covered annually. If you have Medicare, you may even qualify for an annual wellness test.

2. Take Personal Time

Everyone should make space for their social life, but time for yourself is equally important.

Our busy lives often mean that we are constantly jumping from one group to the next and juggling a lot of different perspectives that, over time, can leave us frazzled and frustrated as we cannot find a way to meet everyone’s expectations.

Step back and taking some time for yourself. Whether it’s a long weekend away, or an afternoon spa appointment – can do wonders.

3. Moderation

Perhaps the best healthy habit to adopt is the notion of all things in moderation. Overindulging in anything – exercise, alcohol, fast food, and so on – can leave us feeling crummy. Occasional splurges are alright and can bring joy if they are seen as special treats, not an everyday element.

Being healthy can begin with these simple adjustments. They might seem small, but their impact is far-reaching. So, if you swap in these beneficial habits for those bad ones, you’ll be back on the road to a healthy lifestyle before you know it.

About the Healthy Lifestyle Author:

Author Christian Worstell

Christian Worstell is a health and lifestyle writer living in Raleigh, NC.

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We hope you found Christian’s article as beneficial as we did. Thank you for spending time with us today. As always, we wish you the best of health!

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10 thoughts on “Habits Can Make a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Such a great guest post topic, Christian, and it’s covered well here! Recently I found out the hard way about two of the things listed above: sitting too long and overworking. I got diagnosed with sciatica and it’s been a painful lesson (literally) for me to take breaks and balance my life more than before. Joan, your blog is looking terrific!


  2. In full agreement with this post. 👍🏼 It is truly remarkable how the ‘small’ bad habits cascade into a really big problem if not addressed. As a writer, sitting for long periods of time is a reality often overlooked. And it hurts, literally. My joints and muscles have not been happy – at all. It is critical to get up and move, do laundry, clean, stretch, do whatever … just move! Going from an extremely active and physically demanding job to one that is the exact opposite has taught me a lot. :)

    Toxic relationships, that’s another biggy. The constant tension you drag around with you day in and day out definitely does wreak havoc in more ways than you’d ever want to know. When muscles lock up and hurt – the pain can be indescribable.

    All of your points are excellent. You’ll be helping a lot of people make better choices that will increase their health a whole lot in the long run. Thanks! Very well done article.


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