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How Mindfulness Protects You

How Mindfulness Protects You as You Get Older – Infographic

We hear a lot about mindfulness and meditation in today’s modern world. But as we live with a plethora of devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets. It seems like we’re always connected through various social media platforms even when we’re on the move! And as we grow older, connections become more and more important and this modern technology can facilitate that. However, the issue with this constant connectivity is that it can be difficult to switch off. The infographic below will help explain how mindfulness protects us as we get older.

Mindfulness is a skill

Mindfulness is a skill that sometimes requires us to really work at it in order to become “good” at it. Being connected to one’s inner thoughts can have excellent benefits. One of the best is that it allows us to be more in tune with ourselves and to live in the moment.

Be Conscious of Your Mindfulness

As we grow older, being active is also as important as being conscious of our mindfulness. Being active and out and about not only helps our bodies in terms of health but it also brings our world in tune with everything we do. Going for a swift walk can be done in conjunction with mindfulness. It is a great way for us to take time to look around, live in the moment and experience comprehensive gratitude for the world around us. As they say, time to “smell the roses”.

The professionals from Be Independent Home Care have put together the infographic below that explains exactly what mindfulness is and how it relates to older people. It details the amazing benefits for older people and highlights how it can even protect you as you grow older. There’s also some expert advice on the matter plus lots more! Check out the full details below.

Mindfulness Protects You

Author’s Bio:

Alice Lucey and is the Director of Care with Be Independent Home Care, an Irish company that provides one-to-one assistance and support to elderly clients in their own homes to help them maintain their independence and individuality.

While this is directly focused on older adults and aging, these great tips can be applied at any age!

Wishing you a mindful and successful week ahead,

–Ricci-Lee Hotz, MS, RDN
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We hope you enjoyed this infographic from Be Independent Home Care and want to thank you for spending time with us today.

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