Exercise at Home: How to Create the Best Home Gym

Create the Home Gym You Desire

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Workouts are essential not only for physical fitness but also for your brain health and relaxation. Create a home gym and save yourself the hassle of having to drive through traffic before or after work to get to the gym. And if it’s your special design, it will motivate you to work out regularly.

Creating a good home gym will keep you motivated…

Have you ever been to a gym before? If you have, then you know how it works. Although it’s fun and motivating to exercise with people around you, gym experiences can be exasperating sometimes. Having to share the showers, for instance, may have you worried about whether it’s been properly cleaned. And, if you can’t use a shared bathroom, you will have to drive home with sweat clothes. Well, what if you could avoid all this and still get to work out in a fun environment with the music you like and a trainer? These home gym design ideas will help you create the best home gym.

Create Space for Your Home Gym

If you’ve been wondering what to do with that spare room or the space in the basement or garage. Then maybe it’s time you converted it into your work out area. The type of workouts you do will determine the amount of space you’ll need for your home gym. Having a room dedicated to exercising will save you the trouble of having to move your tools every time you want to exercise and clear out once you have finished. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise without a spare room; if your study room is spacious enough, why not create a home gym layout with that extra space? And don’t forget to design that space to your liking.

Focus on the Flooring

best home gym flooring

Before you get excited about your new space and start bringing in your desired home gym equipment, consider your floor. Some equipment that will have your concrete or plywood floor cracked into pieces when you drop them on the floor. Especially heavy weights. You don’t want to ruin what you’ve just struggled to design. You can go ahead and purchase an Olympic base if your equipment is quite heavy. Don’t forget to buy a rubber mat. It’s not just for the floor but for your comfort as well.

A rubber mat is a must-have for your gym floor

Get the Required Equipment

You’ve created the space and designed it to your preference; it’s now time to fill it up. Getting the right equipment for your workouts may mean that you dig deeper into your pockets. You may find this challenging, but it will be worth it in the long run. Besides, you don’t want to go for cheap equipment which you don’t even need. It will just be lying there, and instead of saving, you will have wasted your hard-earned money.

Another consideration here is how you will set up your equipment in the room. There are essential tools from home maker (the author recommends homemakerguide.com) that can help you set up everything yourself. However, if you can get an after-sale service from the store where you purchased your equipment, this may include maintenance as well. They can help with your design to ensure your home gym is well-organized for your work out style.

Set up your space to create enough room for your workouts

The good thing about having a home gym is that you decide on everything. It’s your room, and it is you who will be exercising there, so whatever suits you best. You don’t want to create a gym that you’ll only use twice, and after that, you don’t even feel like setting foot into that room.

Make it motivational so that it can boost your morale and desire to work out. Install high-definition speakers, inspirational wallpapers, or some enticing paintings on the wall. Home gym lighting is also essential and having a full-length mirror can help you achieve this. Don’t forget to organize the space; always store the equipment you’re not using in the right place. This will help you have more freedom and feel more comfortable while working out.

The Best Home Gym is Clean

create the best home gym

This gym is now your personal space; you have to be fully responsible for it. You don’t want to leave the equipment scattered around when you’re done with your work out. Safely store equipment in the right place after use to avoid mishaps and also for proper maintenance. Before storing your equipment, spray and wipe thoroughly to clean off the sweat and germs. Clean the floor and surfaces of that room after exercise. It will make you feel better about your gym space and motivated to come back the following day.


Exercising at home should be as much fun as any other activity. Don’t think of it as a responsibility or necessity. Don’t create a home gym that will bore you or start having feelings of regret. If you’re running short on finances, then you can begin with a mat and no equipment. There are lots of workouts that don’t require equipment at all, or you could go for second-hand equipment. Just ensure that everything is still in good condition and functioning correctly. In other words, make the experience worth your effort.

Do you have a home gym for your workouts? Please share with us your experience of exercising at home.

Author’s Bio:

Kevin is a content writer for about 3 years (you can see some of his work at my Gym-Expert.com). He studied at the Design and Arts College in Pennsylvania. He is a fan of home interior design and he has taken it upon himself to spread his love for decorating homes by showing some of his ideas through his articles.

Many thanks to Kevin for this wonderful article and to you for spending time with us today And, as Kevin mentions above, your flooring is important, whether it’s a roll-up mat or permanent flooring. You’ll need a cushion to protect your flooring and your body. To learn more, check out our article: How to Choose an Exercise Mat.

6 thoughts on “Exercise at Home: How to Create the Best Home Gym

  1. I am an ardent fan of maintaining a home gym and using house fixtures to assist my workouts. We don’t need all these expensive fancy spancy stuff but it’s a great way to treat ourselves, thus add fuel to our motivation. Great post Kevin and thank you for putting your ideas out into the world.

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    1. Congratulations on the move Christy – I hope it goes smoothly for you. I know it’s a lot of work, but just think of how you’ll enjoy having the creativity to personalize your space! Best of luck to you and your family! Stay well my friend!

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