Sale – Free Exercises and Workouts

Well, here is our big sale: free exercises, workouts and nutrition tips! It’s a closeout sale. While this journey has been amazing, change is constant and we want to say good-bye. Our change will be in just a few weeks. In celebration of this milestone, we want to give you an opportunity to copy the articles, information, exercises, and ideas you may find useful, before they are no longer available.

Special thanks and appreciation to all those that have supported this site (just to name a few before we get to the good stuff):

  • all the support of family and friends, especially those that purchased their amazon products from us. thank you!
  • contributing authors and their contribution to our site. thank you!
  • fellow bloggers – I have an appreciation of the time, effort and money that goes into creating a website and keeping it filled with quality content. thank you!
  • to my blogger friends, for your support and teaching me through your articles. thank you!
  • visitors to our site – with almost 60k views, thank you!
  • wordpress and aweber – we appreciate your professionalism and thank you for your support. See the contributors page for additional resources….

It’s been about You

Most importantly, we began this journey trying to express to you how extremely important it is to stay fit, especially as you get older. And it’s a basic for being happy. It is simply a need to active and eat right. Keep your muscles moving. That’s what they are made for. You’ll look better. You’ll feel better, and you may lose a size or two.

Now about that. Nutrition. Nutrition plays such an important part in your overall health. Have you heard of someone who works out constantly and yet cannot lose weight? Yes, they may have a medical condition, or it may be that they need some help with understanding human nutrition needs (we recommend talking with your doctor about nutrition and exercise). So now for the sale: free exercises, etc…

Free Exercises – NO Signup Necessary

Check these out – you may be interested in saving some of these into PDF’s before the site is removed:

Great Workouts

We think you’ll like these workouts. They can easily fit into your week. We do!

Nutrition Topics

Just a few nutrition basics to remind us that eating well can taste good too.

Home Gym Ideas

I love this series, it has everything I’d love in my home gym (one can dream!). Keep in mind that bodyweight exercises can be done without equipment (but I love my mat). Check products and prices on Amazon and compare to your favorite store.

  • Home Gym Ideas
    • Décor – color options, motivational murals, etc. items to bring out your personality
    • Essentials – items such as water, towels and music
    • Accessories – mats and smaller equipment like hand weights
    • Exercise Equipment – larger equipment such as rowing machines, treadmills and ellipticals

Do you have a favorite article that you recommend for downloading?

Fond Farewell

Remember, stay active, eat well and always be kind to yourself and others. Never forget that no one can choose their age or physical appearance, but we can choose to be understanding and kind. Wishing you the best of health!

Ps. To our blogger friends please feel free to copy these sale, free articles or custom images. If you would like to credit, you can use Joan E Wilder. Thank you and wishing you the best of success!

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