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Content Contributors / Sources

The list of contributors and sources include our readers so first let me thank you because without you our website wouldn’t exist. We want to keep learning from you and with you and hope that you find the information we provide to be a valuable source of information and that it helps your quality of life and keeps you coming back to learn more. We hope you continue to leave valuable comments – it’s that community that helps us grow.


NIH – National Institute of Health – a government site full of great content – Go4Life

PHIL  – Public Health Image Library (PHIL)

CDC  – interesting and useful information

Everkinetic for great information CC BY-SA 3.0

BHFS – informative site –

Ed R. – for his knowledge of physical activity and a Physical Fitness Trainer, his help and enthusiasm and for being my earliest supporter.

Website Host Design / Images…

Amazon – for their amazing products, great delivery and customer service. Because of this great customer service, we know that they will make sure you are a happy customer.  That is why we are an affiliate of Amazon and recommend their products on almost every page. Be sure to take advantage of their customer reviews too.

Clipart – clip art images

WordPress – this website hosting company is committed to helping their customers be successful.

AWeber– a great company to work with, wonderful tutorials and customer service.

Go Daddy – professional company that cares about their customers and their products.

Chris Farrell – who helped me get excited and courageous enough to start this website.

AWAI for helping me believe that I can share my story.

ALISON Free Online Learning education that is free and useful is where my interest in starting a website peaked, I highly recommend this site.