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Watch this youtube Balance Video

Beginner – 1st 5 minutes / Advanced – Skip to minute 5 of video…

How to Improve Your Balance

If you think you need Balance Exercises, you probably do. Check our Balance Exercises page to see how to begin. As you progress your lower-body strength exercises will improve your balance or your balance may already be good enough that you don’t have to start there. See if you can easily do those exercises.

After you progress from beginner be sure to check out the Bosu Ball or a Balance Ball. When I complained about my balance, my trainer incorporated a balance ball into my workout and it’s been great! See our Balance Exercises page for a good Balance Board Exercise.

Test Yourself

     Time yourself as you stand on one foot without support for as long as possible. Be sure to stand near something to grab onto when you’ve reached your limit. Record the time. Repeat while standing on your other foot. Perform Balance Exercises and test again in a month.

If needed, these beginner exercises can get you started, but the lower body strength exercises will also improve your balance. To get the Balance exercises you need, once you are ready, be sure to incorporate the Bosu or Balance Ball into your routines. I recently saw someone doing amazing exercises with an upside-down Bosu and can’t wait to progress to that level!

Also note that these exercises can be done at home at any time. You don’t need a gym but a Bosu ball or Balance Board are great for when you are ready to kick it up a notch and go to the next level.

How Much, How Often

You can do balance exercises almost anytime, anywhere, and as often as you like. You do not need to warm up or wear special clothing to do balance exercises. Also try lower-body strength exercises because they can help improve your balance.

Do lower-body strength exercises 2 or more days a week but not on any 2 days in a row.

Modify as You Progress

Challenge yourself as you progress. Start by holding on to a sturdy chair for support. With time, see how many seconds you can balance without holding on. If you are really steady on your feet, try doing the exercise with your eyes closed.
Exercises that improve your balance also include lower body strength exercises, such as back leg raises, side leg raises, and hip extensions.

The exercises on the Balance Exercise Page can improve your balance even more if you modify them as you progress. If you think you have advanced beyond beginner, try the intermediate exercises on the Balance Exercise Page and use a Bosu ball.

Safety Tips

  • Have a sturdy chair or a person nearby to hold on to if you feel unsteady.
  • Talk with your doctor if you are unsure about doing a particular exercise.

Informative Books & Equipment to Help You Improve

Check out our Fitness Shopping page for more to choose from. Want to see something else? Leave us a comment below or use our Contact Page.

Check out these books and equipment on Amazon to help you achieve better balance !

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