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Do you want to share your story, comment on an article, or just want to say hello. We’d love to hear from you. Simply contact us using the form below. And if you want to contribute a guest post on the Professionals Health Connection website, click here…

Contact us and share your storyDo you want to contact us to share your experiences?

We would love to hear about your fitness goals. Why not be an inspiration to others who are trying to lose weight while struggling with diet and exercise. Send us your story and be featured in one of our articles! 

  • where are you in your exercise and nutrition journey?
  • how do you keep yourself motivated?
  • what advice do you have for others?
  • what changes did you make to your diet and exercise routines?

Please note that we do not endorse dieting and stories related to dieting will not be considered for publication.

Contact us and let us know what you are thinkingContact us to give your opinion or tell us about your fitness thoughts…

  • Do you have any advice or motivational tips you’d like to share with others?
  • Want to comment on what you’ve read?
  • Do you want to share your challenges?
  • Want to share your success?
  • Do you like our articles or have an article you would like to see more of?

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If you submit a story please don’t forget photos (optional) and let us know if you’d like it to be considered for publication on this website. See Guest Post Guidelines. And thank you for taking the time to write us today.

Ways to Contact Us:

Contact us by submitting the form above  

Wishing you the best of health!

~ Joan E.

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